HOTCUS promotes the study of the twentieth century United States in four principal ways:

  1. through an annual conference, which is intended to serve as a showcase for new research across the field of twentieth century American history;

  2. through an annual winter symposium on a specific theme;

  3. through HOTCUS panel presentations at major conferences;

  4. and through the HOTCUS Awards programme for postgraduate and early career scholars.

HOTCUS membership is open to scholars, students and teachers of twentieth century American history at all levels.

The Members page gives details of current scholarship and activities being undertaken by HOTCUS members.


Historians of the Twentieth Century United States (HOTCUS) exists to facilitate and promote scholarship in the field of twentieth century American history.


Alex Ferguson (Southampton) has been awarded the HOTCUS Postgraduate Essay Prize 2014.

Calls for papers:

  1. HOTCUS panel at BAAS 2015, ‘Religion and the American Experience’. Deadline 20 October.

  1. HOTCUS Winter Symposium, ‘Memory and History in the Twentieth-Century United States’. Deadline 7 November.