Recent HOTCUS Member Activities

Christian O’Connell (University of Gloucestershire) has been awarded the Fulbright-Elon Scholar Award for 2015-6. Christian will be taking up the award between January and May in 2016, where he will be teaching two courses at Elon University in North Carolina. He will also be carrying out research for his project on African American culture in Italy before and during WWII.

Nick Witham (Canterbury Christ Church University) has been appointed Lecturer in US Political History at the Institute of the Americas, University College London, starting September 2015.

Axel R. Schäfer (Keele University) has been appointed Professor of American Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, where he will start teaching in early 2015.

Jonathan Bell (University of Reading & Chair of HOTCUS) has been appointed Professor and Director of the Institute of the Americas at UCL, effective 1 September 2014.

Cara Rodway (Eccles Centre, British Library) recently published ‘Black Bodies, White Sheets: Civil Rights and the American Roadside’, Contribution to 'Citizenship and the Built Environment' roundtable, Journal of American Studies, 48:01 (2014), E1 (pp.3-8). She has also been appointed Editor (Web Presence) at the European Journal of American Studies.

Alex Goodall (Lecturer in Modern History, University of York) has recently published Loyalty and Liberty: American Countersubversion from World War One to the McCarthy Era (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2013).  An examination of the development of countersubversive politics in the United States in the decades before Senator McCarthy rose to national pre-eminence, the book explores the interlinked histories of antiradicalism, antifascism and anticommunism in the interwar era. Professor Nelson Lichtenstein (MacArthur Foundation Professor in History, UC Santa Barbara) notes that the work's "sophistication and scope put it head and shoulders above many local and regional studies of anticommunism", while Professor Michael Kimmage (Catholic University) states that the book "will have a notable and stimulating impact on the field of twentieth-century U.S. history."

Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones (Professor Emeritus, University of Edinburgh) has published the following: with Andrew Lownie, eds., North American Spies: New Revisionist Essays (London: Thistle Publishing, 2013), available in Kindle and paperback editions; also Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones, The American Left: Its Impact on Politics and Society since 1900 (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013), Distributed by OUP in the USA.  He has also recently published “A Critique of the Surveillance Flap” online at e-International Relations.

John Morello (Senior Professor of History, DeVry University) has been appointed to the Fulbright Foundation’s Specialist Program. John explains that “unlike the traditional Fulbright grants which send individuals out for months at a time, Specialists are dispatched for a period of 2-6 weeks to serve as consultants on curriculum, faculty development, institutional planning and related subjects. Those 'related subjects' offers host institutions lots of latitude to mount interdisciplinary studies of many topics which could be of interest to students as well as enhance academic contacts with colleagues in the United States. And, a lion share of the cost is borne by the Fulbright Foundation.” If any colleagues are interested in learning more about the programme or hosting John, please contact John on +1 630-652-8273 or

Craig Fox (Independent) has published “‘Give this copy of the Kourier magazine to your friend. You will help him. You will also help society’: 1920s KKK Print, Propaganda and Publicity.” Chapter 6  [pp. 105-123] in Rachel Schreiber (ed.), Activism in Modern United States Print Culture (Ashgate, April 2013).

Kendrick Oliver (Southampton) has published To Touch the Face of God: The Sacred, the Profane, and the American Space Program, 1957-1975 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013).

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